Digging for dinosaurs.

In searching around for my old ICQ number (2548139), I ran across what is probably the oldest record of my existence online.

Date: Sat, 2 Nov 1996 20:16:14 -0600
From: Michael Merritt [mikl_m@juno.com]
To: Multiple recipients of list [garyslist@creature.tn.org]

Back when Juno was an e-mail only provider, gave you access to a toll-free number from anywhere… Soon thereafter I remember switching to real Internet access through US Internet, the only local provider in Pulaski until late 1999.

My .sig then:

= Michael Merritt          E-mail: mikl_m@juno.com =
= Phone: (615) 363-8236        Fax: (615) 363-4036 =
= 3950 Bethel Road               Pulaski, TN 38478 =

I remember being “online” at the Richland Raider BBS in ’95… Enough of this pining for the old days rubbish. I’ve got work to do today.