Finally, something I can use…

Finding an acceptable mail client in Windows has long been the bane of my existence. Outlook/Outlook Express are simply terrible (HTML mail, top-quoting, and prone to virii just for starts) and most of the others (Eudora, FoxMail, PocoMail, Pegasus, Becky) either have poor filtering, folder mgt, bad interface, fatal bugs, ads, non-free — SOMETHING that makes them unusable for me. I have finally found a Windows product that I can use and even recommend — [drumroll]

Kaufman Mail Warrior.

Light (about 700 KB), elegant, multiple account support, filters… Just what I’ve been looking for. No installer — just save the EXE to a folder and run it. It will make the subfolders it needs, and you can back everything up and move it to another computer by simply ZIP’ing the whole folder. After a couple of hours, it seems stable enough. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m about to install Debian on macduff as a trial-run for redoing several (4-6) servers over the next week. This is going to be fun.

Update [21:36]: README for getting KDE 3.1 to work under Debian. This saved me tonight.

Update 2 [23:18]: This screenshot is brought to you by the letter “DEBIAN GNU/LINUX” and the number “RUNNING KDE 3.1.0”.

Update 3 [05:10]: Sound works. Check the emu10k1 driver out of CVS from; recompile kernel and driver module, tweak it, you’ll get it eventually. I should post some working docs on this since nobody else seems to. I’ve conquored the beast; I’m going home.

Also, Andrew Balsa submitted to DistroWatch a review of Mandrake Linux 9.1-beta3 posted.

Random tip: Type “about:config” in the Location bar of Phoenix for every option you could ever wish to tweak. Play at your own risk.