Just the facts, ma’am.

Haven’t updated in a while. A few things of note:

· Dad is getting married tomorrow night. David and I are groomsmen, ushers, and “gophers”, it seems.

Tracey & Slain got regan booting again. Yay for old SCSI knowledge, or something.

· The 4Runner is in the shop until next week. The alternator retired, and the A/C hose had a leak too.

· And in the “Other Things That Broke” category, we have macduff, who doesn’t seem to like its USB ports anymore. Guess I’ll get a PCI USB2.0 card for it and see how that works. Maybe I need a new mobo/proc…

· If that’s not enough, we’re trying to get all the loose ends tied up for our DS3 install at iGiles. Going to fiber optic has been fairly easy on us thusfar, but only because of a lot of hard work by BellSouth and Broadwing. The real fun starts when we roll wireless, coming soon.