And we’re back

After a nearly three-week hiatus, is back online. I’m sure you’ve missed us during the absense.

First, lear got 0wned by some Romanians who also took down half of iGiles in the process. After getting iGiles back online, I didn’t even bother fixing my personal site. Now we’re back with a clean install of Debian, replacing the dated RedHat 7.0 install that I got tired of maintaining.

Next, effective today I resigned my position at iGiles. I’m taking a contract position at NABC as CTO. I’m also going to do more freelance consulting, something I’ve missed over the past couple couple of years.

At any rate, this site is now hosted at my house on a ADSL line from Butler Networks. It should be fast enough for what I’m doing here — mainly e-mail and development hosting. If it turns out to be too unreliable, I’ll outsource hosting somewhere (probably A+ Hosting).

In other news, I’m finally becoming a property owner, as I started the paperwork this week on buying the house I’ve been renting since February. I think this is a good move (and Bob gave me a good deal).

Signing off after this test transmission. Going camping tonight (Halloween), and then headed to Knoxville for the UT vs. Duke game.