A rolling cluster-bomb.

Can anything else break today? So far I’ve had the following devices fail:

  • 12GB HDD in Dell Latitude laptop
  • Palm IIIxe PDA

    I’m just wondering what else is going to malfunction by the end of the day. I’ve lost access to every semblance of portable computing that I owned today. At least my cell phone (Motorola v60c) still works. Oh, you know what makes the laptop drive failure even worse? I just did a format and clean install about a week ago. Well, maybe that’s a good thing — I had nothing on there to lose to the data gremlins.

    I ordered a new Hitachi 40GB 2.5″ UATA100 5400RPM hard drive for the laptop, and I just bought a Sony Clie PEG-SJ30 PDA to replace the Palm.

    Anyway, maybe my 4Runner won’t break before the end of the day. I’m fully expecting to leave the office to find a dead battery, flat tire, or something… It’s just one of those days.

    On a lighter note, this morning (before everything started breaking) I ordered Super Troopers, Ronin, and The James Bond Story on DVD.