Maybe that’ll do it.

This morning I drug my of-late cantankerous 4Runner to see Craig at Pulaski Pawn & Audio. Their business is located right beside my father’s, but they only recently started doing audio installs and I had never been over there.

Anyway, I seemed to have caught Craig at a good time, and he graciously took the time to look at my system. We started unhooking all the components one at a time trying to find the power draw that’s killing my battery, and he finally decided it was one of the Memphis amplifiers that’s not cutting off properly. He also installed a new battery, which I was much in need of. The Bosch I had previously has been drained and recharged so many times that it won’t hold a charge. He installed a Stinger SPV44 dry cell deep cycle battery and referred me to a shop in Lawrenceburg to have the rogue amp checked out.