Back up and running — until we stop again.

Yesterday saw FedEx delivering my new Clie and UPS dropping off the 40GB laptop HDD and a much-needed book [IP Addressing and Subnetting, Including IPv6] from B&N.

The Clie works great; I guess I no longer have an excuse to remain unorganized. Furthermore, the laptop drive install went without a hitch, and by 19:00 I had Windows XP and all my software reinstalled and configured to my liking. Now back to configuring all this new network hardware for the office — we should be running in Lawrenceburg on Tuesday, but its going to require a long working weekend to make it happen.

The new battery in the 4Runner is working flawlessly. That seemed to be the source of most of my electrical problems. Common sense would tell you to start troubleshooting with the most obvious point of failure, so maybe my lesson was learned there. I should have things all wired up so I can easily hook the laptop in (thanks to S-Video out on the Dell) and play audio/video through the 4Runner. Now that I’ve got a big 40GB drive to fill with media, I’ll have to test it out in the near future.

Network Solutions is giving me fits of fury trying to get a domain name with out-dated registration information transferred to new DNS servers and updated with proper contact information. Click “more” for all the boring details…