Woooooo Wooo?!?

Whistle tips? And Frank thought the straight pipes on my Silverado were bad. Stupidest. thing. evar.

Dell migrates from Sun to Dell servers running Linux (link from Critch by way of Rick). Speaking of Critch, he’s got a 5-head setup on his office workstation, which I somewhat envy.

Windows XP refused to boot on macduff today. It would blue screen during boot with all sorts of arcane errors. Mandrake booted fine, as always. I’ve never had a Windows install on that box that worked respectfully, so I’m in the process now of switching hardware. After verifying the integrity of the RAM, I replaced the SoundBlaster Live! card with an Audigy MP3+, replaced the ATI Rage128 Pro (32MB) video card with an ATI Radeon 7000 (64MB), and rearranged the order of the drives in the hard disk array. I’m moving all my media from the 3-40GB IBM drives to the 120GB WD, and letting one of the IBMs take over from the WD as system disk. I may put XP and Linux on separate disks, but either way, this afternoon has been spent switching hardware around, and tonight looks like it will be spent installing operating systems and software. Fun times ahoy, but I’m resigned to cromwell as my primary PC until I restore some functionality to the big box.