Isn’t it the weekend already?

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog burns Simon from American Idol. Gold. Vidcap by Dren.

I was a the office until 02:30-ish, but I got XP installed on macduff and all my necessary software configured. So far, its been stable (after a whopping one whole day of use). I was going to put Mandrake Linux 9.1-beta2 on as my dual-boot alternative, but the ISO for CD1 I got is bad (error during download or buring to CD-R — who knows). I’m currently downloading Yoper 3.2.1-rc3, but don’t hold high hopes for getting it installed tonight.

Being as it is now Friday night, I am presented with the options of either (a.) sitting here at the office and catching up on work, (b.) going to catch a movie or shoot pool or something resembling entertainment with the guys, or (c.) going home and sleeping. Presently, option (c.) appeals to me the most, but I know I’ll wake up at 02:00 Saturday or something stupid, be wide awake, and have nothing to do. My sleep schedule is already b0rked enough as it is. That leaves me to decide between options (a.) and (b.), and as (a.) requires less energy (that is, not moving from this comfortable gray-cloth-upholstered office chair), I think I’ll go with that route for the time being. I may migrate elsewhere later. I’m such a boring clod.

Tomorrow looks like… well, work, oddly enough. I love being behind. My Clie tells me I have about 7 things “To-do”. Wooooo, wooo[1].

Update: Well, that settles it. I’m going to Taco Bell, then meet up with the crew and go see a movie or something equally pointless. But first…

Sony To Phase Out Smaller CRTs.
“Sony is making plans to leave the CRT market. By phasing out the seventeen and nineteen inch displays, Sony hopes to push users towards their LCD offerings. For the rest of us, that means: An increase in production, and an (eventual) decrease in cost.”

[1] See below.