Of puppies and schoolbooks.

Monday marked the beginning of my first semester of enrollment at Martin Methodist College. Registration was Monday. After being used to a large school, this is quite a change. I miss the flexibility of scheduling that was offered at MTSU, and I’m not looking forward to 08:00 classes that I have three days a week.

In other news, I got a puppy last week. Max is a miniature pinscher. I always wanted a Doberman, but this is as close as I’ll get for a long time. Housetraining is starting to make progress, and he already understands SIT.

pictaur of teh dawg.

Just the facts, ma’am.

Haven’t updated in a while. A few things of note:

· Dad is getting married tomorrow night. David and I are groomsmen, ushers, and “gophers”, it seems.

Tracey & Slain got regan booting again. Yay for old SCSI knowledge, or something.

· The 4Runner is in the shop until next week. The alternator retired, and the A/C hose had a leak too.

· And in the “Other Things That Broke” category, we have macduff, who doesn’t seem to like its USB ports anymore. Guess I’ll get a PCI USB2.0 card for it and see how that works. Maybe I need a new mobo/proc…

· If that’s not enough, we’re trying to get all the loose ends tied up for our DS3 install at iGiles. Going to fiber optic has been fairly easy on us thusfar, but only because of a lot of hard work by BellSouth and Broadwing. The real fun starts when we roll wireless, coming soon.

Another dull, boring update.

· Dad’s wedding went off w/o a hitch. Even with David and I being involved.

· Finally got the 4Runner back last week. Got the A/C fixed with a new hose ($94 from Toyota dealer !?!) and a new set of brushes in the alternator.

· The DS3 install at iGiles went well, considering. Now if Frank would just stop hogging all the bandwidth with BitTorrent downloads…

· I’m planning on doing absolutely NOTHING for July 4th. I don’t even want to watch fireworks. I’d rather sleep, imo. Or catch up on all the work I’m behind on.

Random nothingness for a Tuesday

[1] Temporary Decrease in Performance Occurs When You Right-Click a File or Folder in Windows Explorer (from Tracey via Frank)

[2] Audioscrobbler.com :: Discover new music based on your listening habits

[3] I found a screw in my right rear tire yesterday. A quick stop by Stewart’s Tires this morning revealed that it didn’t penetrate all the way, so they pulled it and all should be fine.

[4] Hard Drives Instead of Tapes? 70 TB Backup RAID

Give a monkey a typewriter…

Typing monkeys, but no Shakespeare
‘Experiment’ modeled on aphorism yields a big mess

LONDON, May 9 – Give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters, the theory goes, and they will eventually produce the works of Shakespeare. Give six monkeys one computer for a month, and they will make a mess.

complete article

Kid in a kandy store, part 18.


Well, it started off lame. My cell phone goes nuts at 00:53 telling me that our web server isn’t responding to our off-site monitoring service. Turned out to be about a 10 minute drop on all our T1s. So I have to come into the office and assess the situation and reconnect the audio stream. Bleh. It gave me an excuse to sleep in this morning, anyway.

So I get to the office at 10:15-ish and soon an NCR field rep shows up to repair my laptop that I decided to push off the counter yesterday. <3 some on-site service, or something. Good thing this laptop came with a 3-year onsite warranty that was transferrable — I’ll probably extend it for another year, because I’m sure to do something else destructive to it soon. New keyboard, new bottom plastics, and we’re back running. This also got my keyboard issue fixed where the left Shift and CTRL keys were going nuts.

Then FedEx shows up with my Kershaw Ken Onion Blackout knife.

Things got even better as UPS hit the door early afternoon with a new Blaupunkt DVD-ME1 DVD player. Instead of repairing the one I shipped back to them last week, they just sent me a new unit. The 4Runner is now rolling mobile movies again.

Today has been a good day for customer service, imo.

Bad poetry.

i debated with another whether pigs “grunt” or “gruffle”. i hold the former, my opponent the latter. thus, i wrote an haiku:

i delcare that pigs
grunt but they do not gruffle
as they swim in mud.

btw, i am right. definitions of grunt and gruffle.