Finally, something I can use…

Finding an acceptable mail client in Windows has long been the bane of my existence. Outlook/Outlook Express are simply terrible (HTML mail, top-quoting, and prone to virii just for starts) and most of the others (Eudora, FoxMail, PocoMail, Pegasus, Becky) either have poor filtering, folder mgt, bad interface, fatal bugs, ads, non-free — SOMETHING that makes them unusable for me. I have finally found a Windows product that I can use and even recommend — [drumroll]

Kaufman Mail Warrior.

Light (about 700 KB), elegant, multiple account support, filters… Just what I’ve been looking for. No installer — just save the EXE to a folder and run it. It will make the subfolders it needs, and you can back everything up and move it to another computer by simply ZIP’ing the whole folder. After a couple of hours, it seems stable enough. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m about to install Debian on macduff as a trial-run for redoing several (4-6) servers over the next week. This is going to be fun.

Update [21:36]: README for getting KDE 3.1 to work under Debian. This saved me tonight.

Update 2 [23:18]: This screenshot is brought to you by the letter “DEBIAN GNU/LINUX” and the number “RUNNING KDE 3.1.0”.

Update 3 [05:10]: Sound works. Check the emu10k1 driver out of CVS from; recompile kernel and driver module, tweak it, you’ll get it eventually. I should post some working docs on this since nobody else seems to. I’ve conquored the beast; I’m going home.

Also, Andrew Balsa submitted to DistroWatch a review of Mandrake Linux 9.1-beta3 posted.

Random tip: Type “about:config” in the Location bar of Phoenix for every option you could ever wish to tweak. Play at your own risk.

Validated, vindicated, verified, confirmed, and kosher

You’ll notice I’m now sporting a link at the bottom to the W3C where you’ll find “This Page Is Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional!” I took it upon myself today to explore the evolution of HTML since around version 3.2 when I learned it, and found I was not up to snuff on a lot of syntax. I then spent the afternoon re-learning a lot of what I thought I already knew about HTML, and updating myself to XHTML standards.

A nice side effect is that this page now displays nearly the same in Gecko (Mozilla, Phoenix, etc.), IE(6), and old Netscape(4.8).

Next chore is to update all the rest of the pages here to standard and update other sites I’m responsible for.

Just the news, mister.

Hooray for new software on a Monday.

And some news…

more coming soon, as I go through my inbox and today’s news…