Deal’s Gap, 16 October 2005

Went back to the Gap on 15-16 October 2005. Took the BMW up as I’m not back on the bike yet (and its starting to get too cold to worry about it this year anyway). had the EOSB (End of Season Bash) at the store Saturday night, and it was great to put names and faces together.

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If more people don’t start obeying this simple traffic guideline, I’m going to go mental. How hard is it, people? Stay in the right lane unless you are passing. Pass quickly and safely, then get back in the right lane. STOP HOGGING THE LEFT LANE ON THE INTERSTATE!

In other news, I got behind a black C6 Z06 Corvette yesterday in Nashville on I-65 south, north of Franklin. That was the second new Z06 I’ve seen on the road (saw a yellow one last month on I-24 between Murfreesboro and Nashville). Anyway, we were both in the left lane rolling about 85 around traffic, and caught a big gap in traffic. I guess he was tired of seeing a Roundel in his mirror, but whatever the reason, he dropped a gear and went WOT. The exhaust note from that car is pure sex, I tell you. He must have rolled up to 140 or close, because I tried to keep him in sight speeding up to a touch over 120, and he was still pulling away from me like I was stationary. Color me impressed.

Medical Briefing

The external fixator and pins which have been a thorn in my side (or, perhaps more accurately, my wrist) were all removed yesterday by the fine medical staff at Vanderbilt. Now begins the task of physical therapy to restore a full range of motion and strength.

Alex took video while they pulled the pins and unscrewed the fixator. Interesting stuff, not too bloody. I’ll post the videos soon; I have to do a little editing first. In the mean time, I did post pictures:

FOLLOW-UP: Doctor says the infection in the middle pin site needs attention. Have to have outpatient surgery to go in and clean it up. Shouts to Allison and Crocket, my buddies at the Vanderbilt Hand Clinic.