Woe to the automobile what should belong to me

Last week the 4Runner started acting up again. As it has been no stranger to mechanical difficulty, I didn’t pay much attention, but took it to the shop after it was smoking. It looked to be running hot, so I figured I was in for a new radiator. The problem turned out to be a busted thermostat, but in the process of getting hot, it blew a head gasket. Knowing full well how much repairs have been for that vehicle, I decided it had crossed me for the last time.

I’m now the owner of a 1999 GMC Jimmy, white/charcoal. Pictures forthcoming. Now for the difficult decision: do I move all the electronics from the 4Runner to the Jimmy, or leave it stock?

The 4Runner is sitting around, waiting for a potential buyer who wants to fix it, or for me to scrap it out for parts. *Edit: Sold it.*