Of puppies and schoolbooks.

Monday marked the beginning of my first semester of enrollment at Martin Methodist College. Registration was Monday. After being used to a large school, this is quite a change. I miss the flexibility of scheduling that was offered at MTSU, and I’m not looking forward to 08:00 classes that I have three days a week.

In other news, I got a puppy last week. Max is a miniature pinscher. I always wanted a Doberman, but this is as close as I’ll get for a long time. Housetraining is starting to make progress, and he already understands SIT.

pictaur of teh dawg.

Slow to catch the IMAP bandwagon

So, just tonight have I discovered why IMAP is so superior to POP3. While I’ve used it a bit before, I’ve never really had the need to get my mail on multiple machines all the same before. For the past few months I’ve needed to read @miklm.com mail from home, work, and on my laptop, so I resorted to webmail for the task. Now that I’m using Mozilla Thunderbird, I’ve discovered that IMAP will allow me to keep folders, filters, and such all the same on all accounts. I’m such an idiot for not doing this YEARS ago, when it was all the rage. Critch told me all along…