BMW Performance Driving School


So it looks like I’m going to the BMW Performance Driving School on September 15-16 (tentative, date subject to change).

I think this will be a bit low-key: emphasis on car control, maybe a bit of skidpad. Not really an advanced track school or anything, but hey, its a(n expensive) freebie.

This is in Spartanburg, SC at the BMW Performance Center. I may try to work in a drive through Deal’s Gap on the way there or back. Or I may decide to fly and skip the 8 hour drive there & back.

Update Dates confirmed, hotel reservation made.

Little of this, little of that.

Some cool stuff I’ve found lately:

· RumbleStripRadio: a motorcycle racing podcast, covers MotoGP, WSBK, AMA…
· MotoGPod: another, focus on MotoGP
· Rossi Files: blog of Valentino Rossi news, etc.

Some of you know I recently got a used Powerbook G4. So far, I love it. Here are some Apple links.

· Applepedia: Like Wikipedia, but for Apple/Mac stuff.
· VersionTracker: software repository

The pictures are posted from our trip to The Porsche 250 at Barber Motorsports Park. And if you missed it, my album is still online from the AMA Superbike round at Barber back in April.

Barber Motorsports – AMA Superbike – 2006
Barber 2006 – The Porsche 250

The AMA Superbike album also has pictures from the awesome museum there. Check it out!

Justice and the Government

Some people may prefer a strict application of the law, across the board. Some may prefer a lenient application of the law, across the board. A case can be made for both. I also think a case can be made for strict application of the law as applied to the government, but a lenient application as applied to the people. But the least defensible position, it seems to me, is the one that dominates: Strict justice for the people and leniency for the government.

-Tim Lynch, via