SEMA Wrap-up

Got back in to Nashville in the wee hours of the morning. Had a great time in Vegas, except for having my cell phone picked off sometime Wednesday and having to deal with Sprint. Hopefully I’ll have a replacement handset by the first of the week. They insist they must ship me a new phone, even though there was a huge Sprint/Nextel store right at the Las Vegas Convention Center where I could have picked one up.

Had a great time at the show. Took almost 400 pictures, most of them ended up blurry or otherwise bad, because I’m a terrible photog and have unsteady hands.

SEMA 2005


Flying out from Nashville (BNA) at 06:00 Wednesday to Las Vegas (LAS) for SEMA at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Been wanting to go to this show for years, and finally got an industry pass. Thanks, Marie!

Got the camera, got an extra SD card, and some comfortable shoes. Still have to pack everything and find a hanging garment bag to take. Should have tons of pictures upon my return.