Airport delays and travel conditions

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I’ve decided that the “new” logo up there is utterly despicable, and I’m tired of this blue background too. Problem is, I don’t have time right now to change it. Yes, its 02:12, and I’m at the office (as I have been since 08:15 Monday, and most of the weekend). Two Cisco 26xx routers are newly configured, and I’m working on a Lucent/Ascend MAX TNT. That isn’t going so well, so if you care to volunteer support, drop me an email.

Which reminds me, Steve called me earlier tonight to inform me of some improvements to Sublimemail that he wants me to test on my mail domain. I’m looking forward to seeing how this works, since my SPAM levels have been steady increasing of late.

Speaking of improvements, I got fed up with Trillian on Friday as it kept munging my Buddy Lists on AIM. I prefer Gaim in Linux for a messaging client anyway, and was elated to find a much-improved 0.60-alpha4 release for Win32 available. I’ve been using it for three days or so now, and its still got several annoying bugs that need stomping, but its much better than -alpha3 and I’ll take it and its bugs over Trillian for now.

Update: I couldn’t stand it anymore. Layout changed again.