Tips from the wise aged master

I’ve posted my CoolMon config. Modify to suit. [screenshot] [miklm.ccfg]

New Win32 builds of Phoenix have been posted, and I found some tweaks linked from the MozillaZine forums that will do amazing things for your browsing speed. Here is my user.js file.

Update: Another Phoenix tip — today its all about icons. Phoenix uses the Mozilla dragon icon by default, and comes with no other. So, go here and download your choice of icons, save it to your phoenix program directory (eg, c:\Program Files\Phoenix\) as chrome\icons\default\main-window.ico (you’ll have to make the icons\default directory) — then change the icon in Windows by right-clicking your shortcut -> Properties -> Change Icon -> Browse and select the new icon. The main-window.ico file will make it use your new icon in the task bar for the window. [screenshot]

And after you do that, watch this: Terry Tate: Office Linebacker