Stupid marmot.

Dumb furry critter’s prediction — I completely forgot about Groundhog Day. Not that I really cared anyway. I didn’t want to hear what he had to say. I’m tired of cold weather, and I’m ready for summer. NOW.

Also… New wireless 11g ‘standard’ ends in tears. Who’d have guessed. It is probably mostly the fault of that varmit for predicting more cold weather [see above].

Rick posted this link: Boosting The Performance of your PHP Applications. I cannot connect this link with woodchucks, but read it anyway.

I have decided I would like to take possession of a porcupine as a pet. Everyone should own such a cuddly, soft animal. I’m sleep-deprived and nearing delirium, imo.

Frank traded his Motorola V200 phone for this Audiovox. In the aftermath, I grabbed his new Motorola USB Data Kit, which will also work with my V60c. This means I can connect to iGiles using my laptop from anywhere I’ve got cell service (albeit at 14.4kbps; but hey, it beats nothing in a pinch).