today’s random pointless battery of links

[0] google news – that this site has managed to elude me for however long is remarkable.

[1] netflix – i signed up for this tonight; will update on the service.

[2] asus a7n8x-d – this will be the motherboard i shall purchase if i ever get around to building a new pc.

[3] puerile – a word i learned over the weekend from brandon.

[4] napster set to return – this will only end in tears. i had missed the news that roxio bought napster’s assets, as well. i don’t suppose that one broke tech company absorbing the paper debt of another is exactly earth-shattering anymore.

[5] serial scsi standard coming … sometime. and leave it to /. to get the numbers wrong.

[6] linus comments on sco nonsense – article link is slashdotted; maybe i can read it in the morning.

btw, you know the tech revolution has happened when you can order pizza online in pulaski, tennessee.