IBM Reinvents e-mail

Reinventing Email :: Collaborative User Experience Group :: IBM Research

“The Collaborative User Experience (CUE) team in IBM Research has spent nearly a decade studying email. Not only has email become one of the most pervasive and successful collaborative tools available, it has also become a key component of IBM’s Lotus Software offerings. In many ways, email can be seen as a victim of its own success – users increasingly suffer from overload and interruptions as well as use email in a manner for which it was not intended.”

Slow to catch the IMAP bandwagon

So, just tonight have I discovered why IMAP is so superior to POP3. While I’ve used it a bit before, I’ve never really had the need to get my mail on multiple machines all the same before. For the past few months I’ve needed to read mail from home, work, and on my laptop, so I resorted to webmail for the task. Now that I’m using Mozilla Thunderbird, I’ve discovered that IMAP will allow me to keep folders, filters, and such all the same on all accounts. I’m such an idiot for not doing this YEARS ago, when it was all the rage. Critch told me all along…

Legislature won’t vote on cable theft this year

Legislature won’t vote on cable theft this year
Staff Writer, The Tennessean

A bill pitting telecommunications and entertainment companies against some of their customers won’t come up for a vote in the General Assembly this year, its sponsors said yesterday.

Backers said the bill was needed to update state law on the theft of cable and other telecommunications services.

Opponents – many of them computer professionals and enthusiasts who mobilized via the Internet – said no new law was needed and the measure as originally written threatened privacy and civil liberties.

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Does MS finally get it?

Q&A: Windows Server 2003 kernel guru
Looks like they are serious this time around about not making another lame-duck server product. From what I’ve seen in limited testing of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, it certainly looks like a huge improvement.

In other news, mail is working again, as I transferred it to the iGiles mail server. I’m still debating whether I’m better off getting one newer server to replace the two aging HP boxes, or whether to just repair regan.

Server drive failure

The [primary&&only] SCSI drive in failed this afternoon, so it looks like mail will be offline until I get some sort of solution rigged up.

So… if your email to me bounces, just resend later, or email me