“what a linux distribution *is*”


“i think you, along with many others, don’t correctly understand what a linux distribution *is*. linux is the kernel. that ~1MB chunk of binary built from the ~30MB (for 2.4 kernels, at least) of compressed source that handles all the low-level important shit like memory management and interrupts and process scheduling and io interfaces and other fun kernel-level stuff i want to hack on but don’t.

“everything else is user-level applications. wine, ls, cat, X, kde, gnome, evolution, kmail, login, getty, init, ssh, apache, etc, et. al, and so forth and so on.

“a distribution is just a pairing of the two. each distribution uses their own packaging methods (rpm, dpkg, ebuild, tar.gz) and their own installation methods (which are usually interactive applications, making it easy for anyone with half a brain and an install guide to handle).”


People take this guy seriously?


I really find it hard to believe that people actually take Chris Pirillo as a voice on technology. After seeing about 10 minutes of him on a TechTV show while in Murfreesboro last year, I swore off the network forever. Now he’s harping this Lindows Laptop — a device I have mixed feeling about on my most generous day. It looks terribly under-powered, and the lack of a CD-ROM drive is a killer. The price looks decent, though, but Lindows can’t be much (and has a quirky license) — further, for just a couple hundred bucks more, you can get a more fully equiped laptop from a major vendor (Dell, Compaq, etc.).

I dunno, color me a skeptic, but if Pirillo is pimping it, I probably don’t want it anyway.

RPMs are teh devul.

I found an article on DistroWatch entitled Is RPM Doomed? All I can say is that I certainly hope so. At the office I have four servers running RedHat (one 6.1, one 6.2, two 7.0) — all of which are behind on some major security patches because of version conflicts within RPMs. It is too big of a PITA to manage, so I give up.

DebianI’m standardizing on Debian for all of our production machines, a decision I made some months ago after running regan on Debian for just under a year with _no_ issues. apt-get has worked like it _should_. Yes, DEB packaging has flaws (just like all the rest), but none so crippling as to keep me from doing what I need to do, as RPM packages have.


gaim-0.60a5.exe and more

I’m late, but on 08 Feb: “A new version of the windows alpha build has been released. This should address a lot of the issues that some of you have been having (console windows, buddy icons, etc.) […] Enjoy!”

Gaim site || download gaim-0.60a5.exe

Linux to power most Motorola phones [news.com, ASO/.]: Awesome, imo. I’ve used only Mot phones since May, 2000 (StarTac 3000, StarTac 9868W, and my current v60c) and will have no other.

Validated, vindicated, verified, confirmed, and kosher

You’ll notice I’m now sporting a link at the bottom to the W3C where you’ll find “This Page Is Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional!” I took it upon myself today to explore the evolution of HTML since around version 3.2 when I learned it, and found I was not up to snuff on a lot of syntax. I then spent the afternoon re-learning a lot of what I thought I already knew about HTML, and updating myself to XHTML standards.

A nice side effect is that this page now displays nearly the same in Gecko (Mozilla, Phoenix, etc.), IE(6), and old Netscape(4.8).

Next chore is to update all the rest of the pages here to standard and update other sites I’m responsible for.