Fresh back from Texas

1996 328is, 5MT, 100% stock (see how long that lasts)

2/08 17″ ’95 M3 wheels from black car
5/08 Koni SA Yellows, H&R Sport springs, wheel stud conversion, fresh bushings, control arms, tie rods, UUC Swaybarbarian SpecE36 bars
6/08 Rear Brembo OE rotors, Axxis/PBR street pads
7/08 15% window tint
8/08 Front OE rotors, Axxis/PBR street pads



Murdered by a Dodge Ram while unoccupied in a Papa John’s parking lot. What a disappointing way to go.

Purchased: 12/22/2006, 155k miles
Totaled: 1/31/2008, 182k miles

Absolutely the best of the four BMWs I’ve owned thus far. So what’s next? … Wait and see.

Project: Makeshift Racing

On December 22, 2006 I bought a black on black BMW 325is manual coupe to replace my gold 325i manual sedan that was totaled. On February 1, 2007 I got caught in an ice storm and slid off the road, into a ditch, and turned on the roof in the “new” car. State Farm declared that one also a total loss, but it was still in decent condition. Since February it has been an on-going project for David (my brother) and I to repair and convert to a trackable driver.

I’ll post more details on the car later, but its due for its first track day at Barber Motorsports Park on Memorial Day weekend, immediately followed by an SCCA National autocross on June 1-2 in Huntsville. On July 17-18 we’ll be going to Deal’s Gap.

1992 BMW 325is Blk/blk Coupe

End of an era

The gold 1992 BMW 325i sedan is no more. State Farm has declared it a total loss after a front-end altercation in a parking lot (no-fault accident).

I bought this car in March 2005 with 172,000 miles. As of December 2006 it has 233,400 miles, still on the same engine, transmission, clutch, etc. That’s 61,400 miles in 20 months, or almost exactly 100 miles per day average.

It made two appearances on track — Talladega Gran Prix (TGPR) and Barber Motorsports Park, and three trips to Deal’s Gap (Tail of the Dragon). I’ve salvaged the suspension (Bilstein Sports/BavAuto springs) to reuse on the next car, along with my personal additions.


Accident damage

BMW E36 Links

These are mainly for my own reference, as I’m at work and won’t have these bookmarks when I get home to work on the car. I bought another BMW today, same as the one I already have — a 1992 E36 325i sedan, 5 speed manual with 201,000 miles in decent condition. Definitely needs some attention, but that’s what this is for.

Installing a Valentine One Radar Detector
E36 electric window fix
E36 back seat removal
Other guides
Installing gauge cluster trim rings

Busy weekend for the Bimmer

This week we’ve done rear shocks, front brakes, oil change, power steering flush, new rear tires, and rotate/balance. New exhaust gaskets go in today, bleed/flush brake fluid today, new front struts on order, and clips for the door mouldings on order (all of them started coming loose at once?!?).

Car turned 193,000 miles this week. Will add almost 1,500 more over the next week driving to all those events and participating.